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Earn money from climate change

A fairly lengthy article in today’s Independent newspaper extols the virtues of putting your pounds into climate change investment portfolios. The author suggests “For each eco-friendly pound spent, there’s usually a company whose bottom line benefits” and adds “With political momentum continuing to build behind the environmental agenda, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to make money.”

Large investment houses like Schroders and Jupiter are excited about the effects of climate change on certain companies. They are launching new funds to invest solely in such firms. The funds will be based in Luxembourg at first, so only be available to sophisticated (read: rich)
UK investors, but Schroders plans to launch a British version of its fund in the autumn.

The funds will include companies dealing in clean energy, green transport, waste management, water management, environmental services and sustainable living, for example.

Not to be confused with ethical investments, the portfolios can include nuclear power generation, too.

Read the full article here:

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