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Download Greenbang’s latest: “Leaner, Greener, Keener”

greenery-and-flowersLooking for advice on how to make your organisation leaner, greener and cleaner? Then look no further than Greenbang’s newest downloadable report from IBM, “Leaner, Greener, Keener: Insights and Inspiration on Delivering Change in UK Public Sector.”

The report features advice from 15 leading experts on change in the public sector, including John Suffolk, Chief Information Officer for the UK Government; Debbie Ellis, Interim Director of Shared Services at the Department for Transport; Willie MacDiarmid, Director of Energy Retail for Scottish Power; and Paula Higson, Senior Director for Managed Migration, Home Office.

“Public sector organisations in the UK are under pressure to do more with less, to respond to the challenge of climate change and to increase and improve service delivery for citizens — in other words, they need to be ‘leaner, greener and keener,’ ” writes Julian David, IBM Vice President, Public Sector, in his introduction to the report. “This challenge is at the heart of this publication, our fourth set of essays on the subject of delivering change within the UK public

Experts from a wide range of backgrounds all contributed to the latest report.

“Their experiences represent a level of public service achievement on a scale that is not always fully appreciated in the
media,” David states. “Their insight regarding best practice when it comes to leaner, greener and keener activities is relevant and transferable … I hope that this collection of essays makes a useful contribution to even better service delivery and a greener future for the public sector.”

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