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Does low price beat the green factor?

8mabicnes.jpgUnfortunately yes it does in this case…

By Alexandra Azrak

Greenbang has been out and about to see if laundry cleaners in Soho use eco friendly washing powders. In Soho, price seems to be the key factor keeping them from going green.

Marshall Laundry, based in Soho, washes linen for local pubs and restaurants. It switched to a greener washing powder a while ago, but the company had to raise its price in accordance. In doing som it lost customers so to stay competitive, switched back to the non-greener alternative.

When asked would their clients pay extra to use eco-friendly products, a spokesperson from Marshall said: “They would definitely not want the prices to go up. Most clients are not willing to pay that little bit extra for us to use eco-friendly products.”

So what’s the answer? Any ideas? Tell us…

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