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Deutsche Post: 30pc CO2 reduction by 2020

Frank AppelGreenbang was up far too late last night with one too many beers and very little beauty sleep. As a result she is shying away from the world, not looking her best, and putting her feet up with a nice cup of tea.

Unfortunately for her, she’s run out of milk and there’s a CSR report to digest from Deutsche Post, the German equivalent of the Royal Mail, owner of DHL and colossally large logistics firm. In Greenbang’s delicate state it is a touch dry but thankfully there are huge markers pointing to sustainability (chapter 2) and the environment (chapter 3).

There is also a table on page 21 outlining the corporation’s energy usage and CO2 emissions for 2005-7.  5273GWh of energy, 1.7 billion litres of fuel and 31.26 million tonnes of CO2.

The report repeats itself rather a lot and its green credentials hang off its GoGreen strategy. Most importantly, Deutshe Post has committed itself to a 30pc reduction, over 2007 levels, in greenhouse emissions by 2020 and an interim target of 10pc by 2012.

Here are some of the highlights:

The initiatives and developments we have underway include:

  • Upgrading our fleets of road vehicles and aircraft to improve emission standards and fuel efficiencies and to operate more alternative-fuel road vehicles
  • Implementing more climate-friendly design and operational changes at our facilities, and increasing our use of energy from renewable sources
  • Encouraging the personal commitment of our staff
  • Offering customers solutions that help them make informed decisions on the cost and the carbon impact of their logistics and supply chains
  • Offering customers the option of carbon-neutral shipping services.

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