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Dell kicks off green design competition

rePC maker Dell is on the lookout for green design ideas–for a “truly environmentally responsible computing technology product”. Anyone is open to submit their ideas, although it’s targeted at students, with five $10,000 finalist prizes and one $15,000 “people’s vote” finalist, amongst others.

Greenbang is tempted to think that’s a cheap price to pay to get access to a horde of nifty new ideas, but Dell seems to have a good approach to all of it. Check out its ReGeneration competition here:

The spirit of this competition, therefore, is to invigorate the academic and industry dialogue regarding product designs for environmentally responsible green computing. We want to flush out any standing contradictions that may exist to more fully understand tradeoffs and prioritizations for green computing product design and then share that understanding for the benefit of all.

For this reason, we will present the entries to the public through our website and press events. In that same spirit, the organizers will not claim rights to the intellectual property of the entries, so all entrants should know that their submissions will be made public.

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