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Dell’s carbon calculated

I’ve just recovered from a nasty spell of flu. Since then a ton of stuff has flown by and I’ve been helpless to do much about it. But here was one such an example.

This chappy, Chris Mellor, despite seeming to hate Greenbang – whether you read the first or second edition of his blog – actually put quite a nice article together on Dell’s carbon offsetting policies.

We’re all agreed over here that it’s good to have someone take us so seriously after just three weeks – so we’re raising thumbs rather than fingers at the cheeky monkey.

He’s done his sums and questions whether Dell’s CO2 policies really equal what it pumps out. At the end of it all he makes this point on Techworld:

“Time perhaps to point the accusatory finger at the real cause of Dell PC and notebook and server computer carbon emissions; the electricity power generators.

Carbon offsetting allows us, encourages us, to focus away from the electricity generators when, perhaps, we should be focusing squarely on them and sorting out their emissions problems.

Ditto cars and aeroplanes where thinking purchasing carbon offsets for journeys is a viable way of becoming carbon neutral is impractical too. Unless you stop traveling the same considerations apply.”

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