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Dell unveils greenprint


To quote the enduring music legend that is Morrissey, stop me, oh-ho-ho stop me, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Head of cheap PC shifter extraordinaire Dell, the eponymous Michael Dell, was speaking about the world of greenness in San Francisco, spreading the message the tech industry’s future is green.

So far, so ‘yep, we know’. But Dell (the man, not the company) is coming out with a few good ideas for Dell (the company, not the man) customers.

From the folks at CRN:

Next year, Dell will introduce reference architecture that Dell called a ‘greenprint,’ in an effort to help organizations identify inefficient process and develop ways of fixing them.”

Energy efficiency is the big talking point of the IT industry at the moment and a fine one it is too – but Greenbang wouldn’t mind a bit more attention being thrown on the materials used to make those self same PCs and their sustainability and recyclability. Biodegradeable PCs anyone?

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