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Dead heat for Spanish cemetery

The Spanish city of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, near Barcelona, has come up with a pretty unusual way of generating renewable power – by installing solar panels on top of mausoleums at the local cemetery.

Reports say the project cost just over £600,000 and the 462 solar panels will create enough energy to power 60 homes in the city. The city plans to expand the number of panels and triple the amount of power generated.

Not surprisingly the plans initially attracted a lot of opposition when the idea was first proposed but after a public awareness campaign the locals and families of the deceased have been won around.

City councillor Antoni Fogue told Associated Press:

“There has not been any problem whatsoever because people who go to the cemetery see that nothing has changed. This installation is compatible with respect for the deceased and for the families of the deceased.”

If you can read Spanish the full press release is here.

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