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Data centres lacking green initiatives

data30 per cent of data managers have yet to implement a formal green policy.

That’s, like, a third. Almost.

Curse them all, but thanks to the good people of VNU we the people now know about it and can encourage the pesky men and women of the data centre world to pull their collective green fingers out.

Managers are, apparently, investing in some technology to monitor energy, but one in ten had no idea about a formal policy at all.

“A green policy can help to remind staff across the business that they have a duty to the environment, and can explain how the decisions they take can make a real difference,” said David Perry, European sales director at Aperture Technologies.

 “But for it to be truly effective data centres must have tools in place to monitor, manage and optimise the energy they use to power and cool devices.”

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  • zupakomputer
    Posted November 15, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    The thing is – diesel and petrol are both also exceptionally flammable. It’s kinda the whole principal behind the internal combustion engine. Maybe no-one should tell him; maybe if he envisages while he’s driving along or being driven, or is travelling in a plane, that it only works because there is a burning fuel in a tank under him or to his side, making it all possible, he might flip-out and go off on one.

    Top Gear ran a story years ago that a Scandanavian country had working Mercedes fuelcell run cars already on the road. Also, there were water-fuelled cars that existed back in the 1920s. The steam they produced when the water was heated powered the engines, instead of what we have today – which is the burning fuels compression powering the engines.

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