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Daimler ready to put laptop batteries in Mercedes

battery2.jpgPoor old Janis Joplin, hankering plaintively after that Mercedes Benz. If Joplin were around these days, she might possibly want one of those expensive motors a little bit more, after manufacturer Daimler Chrysler revealed it’s made a battery breakthrough.

So what’s the news, Janis might ask? Greenbang will explain all. Daimer has worked out how to put lithium-ion batteries, traditionally associated with consumer electronics like laptops and camcorders, into cars.

Daimler is that jazzed about the whole thing, it’s putting the technology into its S 400 BlueHYBRID sedans from some time next year.

The main advantages offered by the newly developed lithium-ion battery are its very compact dimensions and its far superior performance compared to conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries. The weight/power ratio of the entire battery is 1,900 watts per liter (W/L). What’s more, the battery stands out by virtue of its high ampere-hour efficiency, long service life, and great reliability, even at very low temperatures. Its high level of safety is the equal of that provided by today’s auto batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are ideally suited for use in hybrid vehicles to help reducing fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions. At the same time, the Daimler engineers are investigating to what degree this technology can be applied to other vehicle concepts, such as electric and fuel cell-powered cars.

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