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D-Link switches “save 44% power”

g1reenbangcom.jpgRemember D-Link? Well they’ve been around for yonks and now are selling something called green ethernet desktop switches.

“Aimed at home users and small businesses, the switches can deliver significant energy savings of up to 44% of the power typically used by a 5-port Gigabit switch*, helping to reduce costs and optimize energy efficiency.

By working with carefully selected chipset manufacturers to develop innovative power-saving technology, D-Link is first to market with Green Ethernet solutions that don’t sacrifice operational performance or functionality.

The switches tap the current zeitgeist for improvements in energy efficiency, which is seeing demand for green products rocketing throughout Europe. The introduction of its Green Ethernet solutions further underscores D-Link’s strategy of developing solutions that position it ahead of competitor offerings, while meeting the performance and functionality demands of the market. “

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