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Crafty Swiss turn eco-friendly into tourism boost

stNot content with living in a beautiful country with no crime, no unemployment and trains that you can set your watch to — oh, and more chocolate per capita than anywhere on the planet — the Swiss are now showing us how to turn eco-sensibilities into a tourist attraction.

St. Moritz, a small town in the Alps that’s mostly known for attracting people with more money than style, has opened up a “clean energy tour”. On the tour, visitors will…

…see ultra modern solar power cells at work; they will experience wind power generation in a natural setting and as a reduced model, and will view the oldest electric power station in Switzerland as well as the ARA Celerina (biogas).

Oh, and you’ll also go for a nice walk to Heidi’s cabin–an early promoter of clean energy and alternative transport (no electricity, no car).

(Thanks to Matter for the tip.)