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Cool Earth Solar gets a cool $21 million

sky.jpgThere’s something very endearing about the name Cool Earth Solar. At least investors thought so, reaching into their great big funding wallets to give the company $21 million in series A financing.

Cool Earth Solar, along with its deeply endearing name, produces utility scale solar power plants. Says Dr Eric Cummings, founder of the company:

“Our goal from the very start was to find a clean energy generation solution that could address the global scale of the carbon problem. We discarded everything that couldn’t scale, relied on rare components, or had some other critical bottleneck. Ultimately, we developed a novel technology which radically reduces the amount of material in our system and balances labor and capital costs.”

The company will use its cash injection to develop its tech and build more plants. Its also going to use the money to expand its team and is current on the hunt for “exceptional engineers, scientists, and manufacturing designers”. Time to polish up the old CV then.

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