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Annual reports eat 55 acres of forest a year

898560_bok_sanctuary_path.jpgAnnual reports produced by Britain’s biggest companies destroy forests the size of London’s St James Park every year.

Research, conducted by The Interactive Annual Report Company, claims each FTSE 350 company destroys 168 trees on average every year.

Simon Noakes, managing director of The Interactive Annual Report Company, said:

“In an age of environmental awareness it is an outrage that so many trees are needlessly destroyed.

“A small number of companies are doing a significant amount of damage, and the most frustrating thing is it’s so easily avoided.”

The firm surprisingly says it can provide reports without doing this. Caw.

“We are only scratching the surface of identifying poor environmental practices, particularly when it comes to paper wastage. Companies are producing more reports every year. Not just annual reports but interim reports, reviews and, ironically, corporate social responsibility plans.

“We need to start somewhere and the Annual Report & Accounts, being the flagship publication of these companies, is a very good place to start,” Noakes said.

The company was also pimping up its carbon calculator.

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