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Coming soon: the all electric Zero motorbike


As the green explosion continues, fossil fuel users are possibly going to become the drink drivers of yesteryear: deemed as irresponsible and socially ostracised. Or at least that’s what a bunch of new manufacturers of electric vehicles must be hoping, as a bunch of new zero-emission electric vehicles start to hit the streets.

There’s the oh-so-exciting Tesla Roadster due later this year, which has been getting all kinds of journos in a spin. And next up is the Zero electric motorbike, pictured above, which is due in 2008.

Check out a brief initial review here. And hey, if it’s good enough for Larry Page, it’ll probably work for us too.

The Scotts Valley, Calif.-based company hopes to ride the growing interest in green vehicles with a line of electric two-wheelers. The company’s first model, the Zero X for dirt bikes, can already be bought directly from the company for around $6,900. Google co-founder Larry Page bought one.

In the next few months, Zero Motorcycles will try to come out with a street-legal commuter motorcycle that will be slightly larger and more powerful than the Zero X (along with having the lights and turn signals necessary for street riding). Later, it will follow with a scooter.

Or check out Popular Mechanics’ video review of this electric beast here: the freakily silent 500c-equivalent Stealth bike from Hybrid Technologies.

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