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Coke goes CSR

cokeIt seems the huge corporate brand behind Coke has finally started to realise that corporate social responsibility needs more than just lip service.  The company, Coca-Cola Enterprises, published its third company wide report. For the first time, Coke has actually thought to include a road map.  How nice of them.

The report is available here.  Constructive criticism, comments and feedback can also be sent to

Whilst CCE isn’t the only company that makes, markets and sells coke, it is the largest and its sales represent 18 per cent of Coke’s total.  The Atlanta based company also states it is the world’s biggest bottler.  It also uses a lot of water too, an astounding 3.3 billion litres.

Thankfully, the report is shorter than most and Greenbang has only waded through 52 pages to bring you the highlights:

  • Energy
    • The company will increase its use of hybrid vehicles
    • A five per cent CO2 reduction by 2015 compared to 2004
  • Water
    • In 2007 the company used 3.3 billion litres of water
    • The company is aiming to use just one litre of water per litre of coke produced, down from 1.77 litres in 2007 and 1.95 in 2005
    • It will invest $15 million to reduce its water usage ration by 10pc by 2010
  • Packaging
    • The company aims to recycle 100pc of packaging
    • 10pc of plastic used for bottles will be from recycled PET
    • By 2010 60pc of glass bottles will use lightweight ‘UltraGlass’
  • Recycling
    • 90pc of waste will be recovered and recycled at all production facilities by 2010

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