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CO2 Solution lands $2.3m for CCS

burn.jpgGreenbang believes the word solution is only acceptable in the following chemistry related joke: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate!

It is not acceptable in the phrase ‘ready meal solutions’ as it appears in Greenbang’s local supermarket. When did the word solutions become an acceptable substitute for the word products? It makes Greenbang want to weep for the death of the English language whenever she hears it used like that. (Greenbang realises this makes her sound like an old woman. Next you’ll be telling her Camp coffee and listening to Geroge Formby are outdated too.)

Greenbang may have an aversion to the word solution, but used correctly, the word can earn you millions (assuming you have some clean tech to use alongside it.)

At least, that’s the evidence from CO2 Solution, a carbon capture company that’s landed $2.3 million in funding.

Among the investors are Dundurn Capital Partners as well as Martin P. Pelletier, Normand Voyer, Jocelyn Proteau and Glenn R. Kelly, all “directors and/or insiders of CO2 Solution”.

According to CO2 Solution’s interim president, Normand Voyer:

“We will immediately put this new funding to work to accelerate key efforts towards its commercialization and related business development activities. This financing will help propel CO2 Solution from R&D to commercial deployment.” blockquote>

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