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Climate Change Bill, like a duck’s mouth that reduces carbon

bigben1.jpgGreenbang has a sore throat. Everyone around here has one at the moment.

‘Here’ in this instance refers to the sprawling urban metropolis that is London.

The UK’s Capital City, once renowned for smog and bowler hats, is now known for gun crime and Polish immigrants.

Or, at least, that’s what The Daily Mail has been teaching.

London, being the Capital City and all (keep up), will be the venue of a hotly anticipated Climate Change Bill set to land in Parliament any time before the end of this week.

The Bill will almost certainly tell us we’re all going to die unless we buy Fujitsu energy saving screens and solar-powered Bluetooth headsets.

60 per cent emission cuts are expected by 2050. Because the earth is warming up.

But if that’s the case, why is it so cold outside? And why is it giving Greenbang a sore throat. Perhaps its birdflu…


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