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Climate-change art hits hills of Yorkshire

webmoyles.jpgGreenbang’s mate, Jason Elliott, has been busy preparing an art exhibition in Yorkshire.

Check out his latest work and read the blurb…

Yorkshire artist Jason Elliott’s exhibition about the effects of climate change on the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge has converted the “dark satanic mills” into a surreal and dazzling array of tropical colour in an exhibition at the Alternative Technology Centre.

From palm trees along the canal and monkeys on the rooftops to tropical storms brewing over the Co-op, the exhibition presents familiar urban vistas in an unfamiliar way as the artist’s imagination projects the town 25 years into the future in a world where climate chaos is rife.

“I wanted to draw attention to the fact that change is happening, but this kind of tongue in cheek approach has made it much more accessible for a large section of people who often switch off when faced by bad news.” said the artist.

“Holding the exhibition in the Alternative Technology Centre has provided the perfect opportunity to get across the idea that there are not only problems surrounding this issue, there are also a great number of solutions and practical ways that individuals can actually make a difference, however small,” he added.

After seeing the images, local MP, Christine McCafferty commented “The images certainly do make our town look exotic and I think it is an excellent way to engage, inform and raise people’s awareness of the issues without preaching to them.”

The exhibition is open seven days a week until the end of January 2008 at the Alternative Technology Centre on the banks of the Rochdale Canal in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and the images can also be seen online at

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