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Cleantech ticker: 23 April 2009

tickerCleantech news as it happens — check back for regular updates:

  • Plants absorbed carbon dioxide more efficiently under the polluted skies of recent decades than they would have done in a cleaner atmosphere, according to new findings published this week in Nature;
  • The combined global land and ocean surface average temperature for March 2009 was the 10th warmest since records began in 1880, according to an analysis by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;
  • Leaders of the G8 nations are meeting in Sicily this week to discuss global measures for combatting climate change;
  • Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the 2006 report assessing the economic impacts of climate change, said that, rather than giving in to pessimism, the world needs to “make the best of a bad starting point” to tackle global warming;
  • In line with the Government’s commitment to support a robust and stable carbon market, HM Treasury today published the Community Emission Trading Scheme (Auctioning of Allowances) Scheme 2009, which sets out how the UK will conduct auctions of carbon allowances and the terms governing participation in auctions during Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme;
  • Consent was granted to Norsea Pipelines Limited today to build an 800-megawatt gas-fired power station at Seal Sands, Teesside.

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