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Cleantech ticker: 21 April 2009

tickerCleantech news as it happens — check back for regular updates:

  • Lord Stern, author of the pivotal 2006 report on the economic impacts of climate change, launches a new book today — “A Blueprint for a Safer Planet” — in which he compares those who deny climate science to those who questioned the link between HIV and AIDS or between smoking and lung cancer;
  • The Siemens Energy Sector is presenting technology for intelligent power supply networks, smart grids and energy-efficient grid access of onshore and offshore wind farms at this year’s Hanover trade show;
  • Six months before the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, the World Business Summit on Climate Change — set for 24 – 26 May — will bring together business with the world’s top scientists, economists, civil society, media leaders, government representatives and other leading thinkers to put forward recommendations for the next international framework on climate change;
  • Point Carbon reports today that the UK won’t meet its emissions and renewables targets without more government action;
  • The Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs announced today that it will invest up to £10 million to help to identify the main threats to bees and other insect pollinators.

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