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Cleantech ticker: 15 April 2009

tickerCleantech news as it happens — check back for regular updates:

  • European researchers have created a new software abstraction called Autonomic Communication Elements (ACEs) which will enable ecosystems for service networks, and make the future “Internet of things” a reality;
  • The Department of Energy and Climate Change today published a list of eleven sites that could be potential hosts to new nuclear power stations in the UK;
  • Ionic liquids — salts that are liquids rather than crystals at room temperatures — are likely to play a crucial role in the transformation of biomass into sustainable and carbon-neutral transportation fuels, according to researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
  • Crop growth, drinking water and recreational water sports could all be adversely affected if climate change leads to shifting rainfall patterns and devastating losses of phosphorus in soils, according to researchers from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

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