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Cleantech startup looking for funds? Join our investment event

euroAre you a UK-based cleantech startup that’s looking for funding? Let us know, and — if your technology fits the bill — we might be inviting you to our inaugural investment event.

We’re looking for firms seeking up to £500,000 on this round. For now, we’ll stay mum on further details (where and when, for example), but we’ll be in touch shortly if your company qualifies. Just send an email to Dan Ilett at, and we’ll follow up with more info.

Come on: who’s not looking for funding in the current business environment? Contact us now so we can help make your next big cleantech thing become reality.

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    Posted July 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    we are Global angel investor network, help clean tech companies or other industry approach their business goals

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