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Cleantech news you might have missed: 18 Feb. 2009

newspapersEven the most capable multitasker can’t keep up with all the news coming from the cleantech sector every day, so we here at Greenbang aim to help you stay up to date with our daily roundup of top headlines. Here are some you might have missed:

  • Chevron Corporation this week announced plans to establish a sustainable energy efficienty centre in Qatar. Being developed in partnership with the Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha, the centre has received a five-year, $20 million (US) commitment from Chevron;
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation says it’s broken a new world record (PDF) for a solar cell’s conversion efficiency rate. Its 150-by-150-millimeter multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell achieved an effeciency rate of 18.9 percent, compared to the previous record of 18.6 percent;
  • reports that the UK software and IT services sector saw its first drop in revenues last year, declining about one percent to £39 billion. Industry analysts say further declines are expected through 2011;
  • The Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is launching an effort to update its “Green Claims” code. The code, last updated in 2003, aims to protect consumers from inaccurate or bogus green product claims;
  • Florida-based Solar Energy Initiatives has launched a “Renew the Nation” campaign aimed at encouraging companies to retrain construction workers to meet the growing demand for solar energy;
  • The Center for Biological Diversity has established a Climate Law Institute in San Francisco that will spearhead legal and advocacy efforts to fight climate change and protect biodiversity;
  • UK-based Gaiasoft International has released its GDC by Gaiasoft technology platform that’s designed to help data centres more quickly and easily transition to green business practices.

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