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CLA presents Environmental Markets Seminar

dartmoorThe Country Land & Business Association (CLA) will present an Environmental Markets Seminar this Tuesday at Smith and Williamson, 25 Moorgate, London.

The programme begins at 9 am, with opening remarks from Steve Ellwood, director and head of food & agriculture at Smith & Williamson, and Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, president of the CLA. Keynote speaker will be Tim Harford, columnist and lead writer for The Financial Times.

Derrick Wilkinson, author of “Private Solutions to Public Problems” and former CLA chief economist, will lead a discussion on “What are environmental markets? What could they do? Are they a good idea?” The presentation will focus on reasons to consider this approach to environmental stewardship, and provide a general overview of the issues and questions that will be addressed throughout the day.

Other discussions will focus on “What role could environmental markets play in the UK?” (led by Ed Mitchell, head of business performance and regulation at the Environment Agency; Mike Wells, director of Biodiversity by Design and Pete Brotherton, head of biodiversity for Natural England) and “Developing environmental markets in the UK” (led by Helen Dunn, senior economic adviser for the Natural Environment Economics Team at Defra and David Hill, chairman of Environment Bank).

Others scheduled to speak include Katia Karousakis, environmental economist for the Climate Change, Biodiversity and Development Division, OECD; Emma Comerford, economist with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; Annelisa Grigg, director of environmental markets for Fauna & Flora International; and Allan Buckwell, emeritus professor and policy director for the CLA.

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