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Chinese managers: miss green goals, miss promotion

806122_post_it.jpgCHINA WATCH Life’s just gotten a bit tougher for managers in China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs). They not only have to deliver profits, but also need to make the company more environmental-friendly–or risk losing out on promotion opportunities.

An accountability system will be implemented for the managers of the 154 enterprises directly under the supervision of the central government starting September, according to Chinadaily.

And there’s much work to be done. According to the statistics below, they seem to largely account for China’s failure to meet its green goals:

“The central enterprises – which control all the country’s crude oil and natural gas production, generate half of the electricity and account for 15 percent of coal output – have great potential in energy saving and pollutant reduction, government official said.

The bill for coal accounts for 60 percent of the overall cost of electricity generation for the country’s five leading power plants. The expenditure on fuel accounts for 40 percent of the total cost of the top three airlines.”

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