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Chinese e-cars to debut at climate conference

copenhagenWhen world leaders gather in Copenhagen this December for the UN Climate Change Conference, they’ll also get a first-time look at electric and hybrid cars from the Chinese firm BYD.

The financial daily newspaper Børsen reports that BYD will bring its all-electric E6 and hybrid F3 cars to Copenhagen during the conference.

Danish officials cleared the way for the vehicles to be used for a limited time to shuttle climate conference attendees between meetings and hotels. Without their action, EU approval procedures might have taken too long for the cars to be available on time.

BYD targeted Denmark as a testing ground for the European market because “the Danes are extremely interested in green solutions, and because tax policy is favourable towards green energy,” according to Leevon Tian, who’s i charge of BYD’s electric car launch programme for Europe.

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