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China works with Germany to tackle pollution

wenCHINA WATCH  Chinese Premier Wen and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have signed an agreement to establish two working groups on environmental technology and energy, after a meeting between the two countries’ leaders, according to Chinadaily.

Wen admitted that it will be difficult to reach environmental targets as China lacks the capabilities of rich nations to reduce emissions.

“We have a much tougher task than Germany does,” he said, adding developed countries should continue to take the lead in making emission reduction commitments.

However, he said, China has shown its determination by shutting up hundreds of small-scale mines and power plants.

“We will do our best to tackle global warming and cut pollution,” he vowed.

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  • silas
    Posted September 13, 2007 at 2:22 am

    What would be at least one source for this claim regarding the total cost of ownership? It’s an essential point.

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