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China will double renewables consumption by 2010

952939_chinese_wall.jpgLike Marty McFly and Sam Beckett, China is doing a little bit of time travel, unveiling a plan for renewable energy that covers 2006 to 2010.

While you might be wondering what’s the point of presenting a plan that covers two years that are already dead and gone, let’s press ahead regardless.

According to Chinese paper Xinhua, the country’s renewable energy consumption will reach the equivalent 300 million tons of standard coal by 2010 — or 10 percent of all China’s energy — and double the levels of renewable energy consumption in 2005.
And there’s more. Like a seasoned gambler, China is spreading its energy bets hither and thither. Says Xinhua, by 2010, hydropower projects will arrive with capacity of 190 million kw; wind power projects with 10 million kw; biofuels will provide 5.5million kw and solar energy projects 300,000 kw.
There’s a nod to wind too – manufacturers will cough of capacities of at least 1.5 million watts.

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