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China ups eco-spend by billions

chinaflag2.jpgMeandering through the pages of Chinese news service Xinhua, Greenbang came across this invention: the electronic cigarette, the invention of which has been plaguing her ever since. After all, who sat down and thought: “you know, what the world needs is a cigarette, made of plastic, that you can recharge? I’ll be a millionaire with this baby!”

Luckily, Greenbang discovered something a bit more life-enhancing than the mechanical ciggie on her web perambulations. Xinhua also reveals that the Chinese government has been finding its wallet.

According to the paper, the Chinese Ministry of Finance will spend 78 percent more than planned on reducing emissions and boosting energy efficiency to make sure it meets environmental targets by the end of the decade.

Apparently, 27 billion yuan of special funds will be earmarked for the process, 7.5 million of which will be dedicated to ten energy saving schemes “including technological transformation in factories, substitutes for oil and the introduction of energy-efficient light bulbs”, 4 billion will go on shutting down dirty coal fired power stations and steel plants while another 5 billion will sort out polluted bodies of water.

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