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China to invest in $600m into wave power

Tidal waveAccording to Aaron Bezalel, the marketing director of Israeli SDE Energy, wave power is both the strongest and cheapest form of power available. He does, probably, have to say that however; the company has just signed a $600m deal to supply a string of wave power plants across China’s coast. Providing the initial testing is successful the completed network will be a 100 megawatt plant.

According to the release:

Two joint venture companies, formed in Hong Kong by S.D.E and the investors for the implementation of the agreement, will build an initial model in Guangzhou province in southern China. In the event the model proves to be successful, they will launch the establishment of sea wave power plants throughout China. The process is subject to the approval of the Government of China, which is meant to purchase the entire quantity of electricity generated.

According to the company China’s coast, it seems faces several problems when trying to go green.

Nuclear power plants and hydroelectric stations are highly susceptible to earthquake damage; the country is hit by more than 4 typhoons a year, making the building of wind farms extremely difficult, and solar systems are not cost effective.

It all sounds great but Greenbang isn’t quite convinced by the figures sited in the release. Whilst she can believe that, ‘sea waves have the potential to supply 4 times more energy per square meter than wind’, she’s less convinced that this generation methos ‘could supply 500 times more than the electricity requirements of the whole world population.’

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