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China misses green emission goal


The UK is not alone in its unaccomplished green goal; China also failed to meet its target of cutting pollutant emissions, according to statistics released by the government.

No surprise – just look at the sky in Beijing and you would know it.

Chinadaily has the statistics in English:

“The government has set the goal of cutting emissions of major pollutants – sulfur dioxide (SO2) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) – by 10 percent from 2006 to 2010, or about 2 percent annually.

But in the first six months, SO2 emissions dropped only 0.88 percent from 12.74 million tons to 12.63 million tons year on year. COD emissions, a gauge of water pollution, grew to 6.91 million tons from 6.89 million tons, an increase of 0.24 percent – but it is a big drop from a growth of more than 3.5 percent last year, the top environmental watchdog said yesterday.”

China misses green emission goal – The Global View

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