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China launches MagLev wind farms

cb_0_02.jpgCHINA WATCH

(A picture of a Magnetic Suspension Horizontal Wind Driven Generator)

Everyone gives China a hard time for all the carbon it spits out at the moment.

But if you take a closer look at the country, you’ll see some very impressive long-term projects for greener energy.

Guangzhou-based Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology has built a base for magnet-powered wind generators. Why? Here’s why… Xinhua explains:

The problem of the traditional wind turbines was that they require high wind speeds to start, because of the friction caused by their bearings, said Li Guokun, chief scientific developer of the new technology.

The frictionless maglev generator would cut the operational expenses of wind farms by up to half, keeping the overall cost of wind power under 0.4 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

Not that it’s related but Shanghai also has a very fast MagLev train.

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