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China kicks off auto recovery effort

exhaust.jpgWhat’s better than recycling? Reusing, of course. Greenbang isn’t against reusing tea bags when feeling far too lazy to get out down the shops. And reusing goods that someone else has discarded, that’s even better, right? Greenbang has picked up someone else’s Metro on the Tube. But it’s not much compared to China’s latest effort.

According to China View, China has kicked off a pilot to recover and reuse old auto parts.

The National Development and Reform Commission has inked an agreement with three auto makers and 11 parts manufacturers to join in with the program.

Apparently, says China View, the country scraps 3 million motors every year and by 2010, that will figure will be up to four million. The market for reused car parts will go up from 700 million yuan this year to 3.8 billion-worth by 2010.

China kicks off auto recovery effort – The Global View

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