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China halts plan to make farmland into forest

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Converting farmland into forest used to be a basic state policy in China, but the recently climbing price of pork and other food has made people realized that they need farmland more than forest at the moment.

herefore, to ensure the country’s food supply, China suspended its plan to convert 1.07 million square kilometres of farmland into forest, Xinhua news agency said.

Unsure if this can stop the sky rocketing price of food, it seems a drinking-poison-to-quench-thirst method to Greenbang.

China said it would plant trees on 1.3 square kilometres of farmland from 2006 to 2010, but the plan has to be suspended due to an 18.2 percent leap in the cost of food which propelled the country’s annual consumer price inflation to 6.5 percent in August, the fastest pace in nearly 11 years.

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