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China and Climate Change: The event

chinaflag.jpgA little heads-up for any readers out there that fancy getting expanding their knowledge on China and climate change: there’s an event out there just for you.

It’s called, funnily enough, China and Climate Change, and it’s on in central London on Tuesday 8th July.

The event will feature an assortment of clued-up folk explaining how companies can help China develop speedily and move to more climate friendly business models, as well as the opportunities and the pitfalls involved, and what China’s policies mean for the global climate change initiatives.

Here’s the Agenda:

Chair: Isabel Hilton, Editor – China Dialogue

1700 Geo-Political Overview: Where climate change sits with other national goals
Isabel Hilton, Editor – China Dialogue

1710 Chinese Policy & Climate Change
Professor Li Shantong, Director – Development Research Center, P.R.C.

1720 Climate Realities: How climate change is already affecting China
Elizabeth Economy, CV Starr Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Studies at Council on Foreign Relations (USA)

1730 Doing business with China
Thomas Ng, Partner, Beijing, Linklaters

1740 China, carbon trading and the global negotiating process
Nick Mabey, Chief Executive, E3G

1750 Climate change opportunities in China
Roger Wood, Associate Director, Arup

1800 Q&A

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