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Check your emissions on your mobile


If Santa’s brought you shiny new a mobile phone this Christmas, why not have fun this holiday season by studying your own greenhouse gas emissions and generally engendering all sort of consumer guilt?

Not only can you feel bad for a bit, mobile software developed by the EC which analyses users own contribution to global warming can keep you feeling bad although the year by analysing emissions on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

Says the EC team behind the software:

Although easy to download and use, mobGAS is a sophisticated application that calculates an individual’s emissions of the three main greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, and nitrous oxide N2O. It does so by compiling basic information inputted by the user on, for example, how they regulated their heating, what means of transport they took or the household appliances they used.

If you fancy giving the hilarity a go yourself, you can download the necessary bits and bytes on your mobile here.

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