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‘Charge your iPod by running’

When walking around Copenmind 2008 I can’t say that there was much of an atmosphere, but there was something causing a buzz around the Bella Centre, so I went to investigate.

After talking to a few people, I found this was all over a new technology released by Danfoss, Denmark’s largest tech company and sponsor of Copenmind.

The technology looks like a shiny dish cloth,
but it’s actually a DEAP – Di-electric Electro Active Polymer named PolyPower.

What’s that? You may ask. The DEAP is a material that can perform like human muscles and can be applied to many applications. An electric current can be passed through the material which allows it to expand and contract with 100% efficiency.

The material can also generate electricity from being stretched and then relaxed. This means that if your coat jacket was lined with the material and you went for a run, you could charge your iPod from your body movements.

There are many more applications which Michael J. Hamann, general manager of Danfoss PolyPower explains in this video.

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