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London taxi drivers back clean-air campaign
London taxi drivers are joining a campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of city air pollution. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) is backing the campaign, led by Clean Air in London. “Our members spend long periods of every day exposed to some of the most polluted... Read more
Young UK entrepreneurs get global perspective
Promising new British entrepreneurs will have a chance to hone their business skills through a new volunteer program that links them with startups and companies in developing markets like Bangladesh, Nigeria and Tanzania. The ICS Entrepreneur program expects to see 400 young people participate over the next 18 months.... Read more
UK, Germany target 5G, ‘internet of things’
As two countries that have made new technology development a priority, the UK and Germany are teaming up in hopes of doing even more to promote economy-building digital innovations. Both UK Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about those goals Sunday at the opening of... Read more
Dubai envisions ‘new-era’ city in 3 years
Dubai’s newly launched smart-city ambitions include the goal of converting 1,000 government services into smart services over the next three years. Plans for the city’s transformation were kicked off this week by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and... Read more
Modernized grid cuts carbon, energy costs
The UK government has set out its vision for how to modernize the energy grid for better efficiency, lower carbon emissions and improved energy security. The “Smart Grid Vision and Routemap” was released today by the Smart Grid Forum, a body created by the Department of Energy and Climate... Read more
High-speed rail has ‘severe’ costs for Londoners
A UK government proposal for a new high-speed railway underestimates potential costs to the environment and to people, according to the London Assembly Environment Committee. High Speed Two, or HS2, would connect to the existing High Speed One line that runs from St. Pancras in London to the Channel... Read more
Restoring London’s rivers could prevent flooding
Restoring London’s rivers and flood basins to their natural state would help protect 24,000 homes from risks of flooding, according to a motion passed by the London Assembly. The motion, passed on Feb. 14, urges Mayor Boris Johnson to prioritize funding for projects that restore natural waterways. “This Assembly... Read more
‘Digital inclusion’ starts with user needs
An information-based society can’t be inclusive or democratic if a large portion of the population remains offline. In the UK, for example, research in 2012 found that 18 percent of citizens surveyed never or rarely use the internet. The UK Digital Skills Alliance was launched to promote online skills... Read more
Meet the ‘best for the world’ businesses
Businesses that have won B Corporation certification for their social and environmental impact aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but they are among the best for the world, the organization asserts. The B Corporation, which assesses companies on social and environmental performance, has come out with its 2013... Read more
‘Buckshot’ approach — not silver bullet — can help feed the world
What’s the greatest challenge to growing enough food to feed 7 billion – or even, eventually, 9 billion or more – people? The first problem is the question itself. There is no one challenge to overcome, but multiple challenges: for example, improving yields where it’s needed most, dramatically cutting... Read more