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More British homes to stay warm with heat pumps or solar
If winter is making temperatures drop to frigid levels where you live, you’re likely grateful for a functioning home furnace … but dreading the coming heating bills. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to worry about those, knowing that your home stays warm courtesy of nature’s free services?... Read more
At Finnish ‘research hotel,’ the top amenity is efficiency
Foreign students will get more than just a place to stay while visiting the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland — they’ll also help the VTT investigate new ways to encourage people to control their home energy use. That’s because visiting students’ accommodations aren’t any old dorm, but a... Read more
Titan ushers in new era of computing for energy, climate research
A technology first created for computer gaming is helping to launch a “new era of scientific supercomputing.” The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has kicked off that era with Titan, a 20-petaflop supercomputer that can handle 20,000 trillion calculations per second. That level of... Read more
Energy Institute aims to fast-track utility innovation
A new Smarter Energy Research Institute aims to help energy and utility companies improve their services through faster innovation, predictive analytics and better integration of renewables into the power grid. IBM, the company behind the institute, says the organization is meant to offer a “new industrial research collaboration model”... Read more
‘CNG in a Box’ aimed at boosting use of natural gas for transport
With US production booming and low prices, natural gas could be an appealing fuel for a growing number of motorists. However, finding ways to fill up aren’t always easy for individuals and fleet operators that already have vehicles that run on natural gas. GE and Peake Fuel Solutions, an... Read more
Navy dreams of turning seawater into jet fuel
Refueling a Navy vessel in the middle of the Pacific ocean isn’t like topping off the tank of your Hyundai: there are no filling stations right around the corner and nowhere to hike with a gas can if the needle hits “Empty”. That’s why scientists at the US Naval... Read more
Predicting wave heights doubles marine energy generation
What if we could “tune” marine-energy devices so they could grab the maximum amount of power possible from each oncoming wave? A new algorithm developed by researchers from the University of Exeter and Tel Aviv University could one day help us do just that. When used with existing wave... Read more
New power cell is both a generator and a battery
Imagine being far from the comforts of home — maybe hiking through a remote wilderness or patrolling a war zone — but still certain you can keep your cellphone charged … simply by walking. That could soon be possible, thanks to a new kind of power cell developed by... Read more
Wastewater treatment plants could one day not only power themselves but be able to generate excess electricity for use by others. The answer, according to researchers at Oregon State University (OSU), lies with microbial fuel cells, in which bacteria oxidize organic matter in waste and in the process produce... Read more
NASA is banking on advanced solar energy technologies to power spacecraft and satellites on future journeys through the solar system. The US space agency is negotiating with two California firms — Deployable Space Systems and ATK Space Systems — for the development of advanced solar array systems. The goal... Read more