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London Assembly urges renewed energy goals
London officials are urging the mayor to lobby the UK government for a renewed commitment to energy efficiency. Under a motion passed this week, the London Assembly is asking Mayor Boris Johnson to push for a reversal in UK reductions to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The government’s stance... Read more
People prefer ‘smart grids’ with local energy
There are lots of different ways to define the “smart grid,” but a new study shows people prefer an approach that promises to reduce their energy expenses and lets households generate a significant amount of their own electricity. “Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK,” a... Read more
Automation program aims to stabilize UK grid
A new smart-grid program being launched in the UK aims to help stabilize the power grid as more renewable energy sources come online. Honeywell and power management company Stor Generation Ltd. are working with commercial and industrial users to temporarily trim their energy consumption when electricity demand threatens to... Read more
Tiny island in Azores moves to greener, smarter microgrid
When it comes to renewable energy, too much of a good thing has in the past been a problem. Germany, for example, has brought online a massive capacity for wind and solar power. On especially windy or sunny days, though, it’s discovered that its new wealth of  renewable supplies... Read more
Waste heat from London’s Tube will help heat homes
London expects to begin heating some homes with waste heat captured from the London Underground and an electrical substation. The project – the first of its kind in Europe – is a partnership between Islington Council, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, UK Power Networks and Transport for London.... Read more
World faces ‘energy trilemma,’ warns International Energy Agency
Triple-digit prices for crude oil have opened up large new unconventional sources like Canada’s oil sands. But “this does not mean the world is on the verge of an era of oil abundance,” according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). At the same time, the global demand for energy... Read more
Cheap soy catalyst produces hydrogen fuel
A US research team inspired by the work of twin sisters from a New York high school has identified a low-cost but effective catalyst that could replace expensive platinum for hydrogen production. Hydrogen has long been touted as a clean-burning, efficient fuel that could power cars and fuel cells... Read more
Five ‘out-there’ energy technologies
Modern society would grind to a very unpleasant halt without energy … we all know that. Outside of the “usual suspects,” though — oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind and hydro — are there any other energy sources we can turn to? It turns out there are options.... Read more
Solar energy for 1bn people?
Grand solar energy plans — such as turning the Sahara or the Mojave into giant, clean power plants — are good at grabbing big headlines and big investments. But, for hundreds of millions of people around the world, the energy revolution lies with small-scale solar. Affordable, off-the-grid, renewable energy... Read more
Peak water worries energy experts
What are the key takeaways from the World Economic Forum’s latest report on energy? One, global energy demand is showing no signs of slowing down, despite “peak driving” having arrived already in the US and Europe. Two, if we’re going to ease energy poverty for the large chunk of... Read more