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If you don’t care about the environment or climate change, start kicking the oil habit for the sake of the economy. That’s the message from two scientists who warn that declining oil supplies and increasing price volatility are posing a growing threat to the global economy, and a more... Read more
Averaged globally, temperatures around the world have been rising pretty much since modern instrumental record-keeping began. But average global warming doesn’t mean steady, year-round warming everywhere. Now, new research suggests that some of the cold, snowy winters that parts of the world have seen lately aren’t due just to... Read more
If you think the amount of data your organization has to deal with is overwhelming now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The oncoming “Big Data” flood could swamp many businesses if they don’t start working fast to put new technologies and data center capacity in place. “(M)any businesses seem... Read more
Environmental activist group Greenpeace has made a lot of friends over the years through its campaigns and communication efforts on Facebook, but up until now, Facebook itself wasn’t among them. Blame it on the social networking giant’s 2010 decision to choose coal-fired power for its new Oregon data center.... Read more
Across the US, large utilities like investor-owned Pacific Gas & Electric and municipally operated Austin Energy have been working for several years to roll out smarter energy metering and advanced technologies designed to bring electricity services and operations into the 21st century. Smaller community utility providers, on the other... Read more
Peter Grant, Tom Davis and Simon Corley of CloudApps speak with Greenbang managing editor Shirley Siluk after their company won the Greenbang 2011 Efficiency Award for “Best cloud computing solution.” CloudApps’ efficiency platform is designed to help organizations cut transport-related costs and emissions, and to engage employees in “grassroots” sustainability... Read more
Whether it’s saving electricity, fuel, time or waste, the winners of Greenbang’s 2011 Efficiency Awards have demonstrated they’re leaders at helping to build a cleaner, smarter, more resource-savvy future. Greenbang last week recognized the top achievers in 11 award categories, singling out another four for “highly commended” awards. Winners... Read more
A company that prefabricates ultra-efficient green buildings, the CEO of a smart-grid company and an automated system for enabling safer, fuel-saving driving are among the 11 winners of Greenbang’s 2011 Efficiency Awards. Greenbang also highly commended another four firms for their achievements in promoting greater efficiency. Now in their second year, The Greenbang... Read more
The city of Sunderland in the northeast of England is looking to the cloud to build a smarter community for residents and a more investment-appealing location for businesses. Just last week, officials announced that the city would become the first in Britain to offer wall-to-wall, superfast broadband coverage. And... Read more
Smart-grid communications company Trilliant has rolled out a new offering designed to help utilities enable demand response and energy awareness programs for their customers. “Engaging customers in their energy consumption is one of the most critical benefits of a smart grid,” said Rob Conant, chief marketing officer for Trilliant.... Read more