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Today’s mobile device is tomorrow’s smart-home controller
Using your smartphone to check email or play Angry Birds is so yesterday … the next big thing will involve using it for things like turning down your home’s thermostat or switching on the coffeepot while you’re on your way home from work. Working together, IBM and Vodafone have... Read more
Better IT promises ‘intelligence-guided’ online shopping
Does it still amaze you how well the ads on your Yahoo, Facebook and other web pages reflect which products and services you’ve recently searched for online? Small, mid-market and large businesses looking for even smarter ways to connect with their customers are eager to say, “You ain’t seen... Read more
IT startups: Just days left to enter green ‘Trailblazer’ awards
Young IT companies with technology that can enable a better-connected and more sustainable future have a chance to shine on the global stage through a new awards program for “Tech Trailblazers.” Green IT startups have until 11:59 PT on Wednesday, Sept. 12, to enter the inaugural Tech Trailblazers Awards.... Read more
Small and mid-sized business owners who want their information technologies to be as future-proof as possible might want to borrow a page or two from government playbooks. While not always recognized for their forward thinking, a few government agencies – including the US federal government and the government in... Read more
A new platform for the industrial internet is designed to help users make the most of machine-to-machine connections and the digital workforce. GE’s PACSystems RXi is a control and computing platform (“PAC” stands for “programmable automation controller”) based on open standards. According to GE, it offers companies a simpler,... Read more
Thanks to innovations like ever-faster and more affordable PCs, smart phones and cloud computing, a small or mid-sized business today can enjoy an advanced IT infrastructure unimaginable even five or 10 years ago. One “perk of the future” that has yet to be delivered, though, is the paperless office.... Read more
Greening your business computing strategies is not only a smart way to enhance your brand in the eyes of customers: it can save you money in both electricity costs and equipment wear-and-tear. In fact, an overwhelming majority – 71 percent – of mid-size companies say cutting costs is their... Read more
There’s little doubt the cloud is helping businesses of all sizes — mega, medium or small — do a lot more than they used to. Cloud-based software, platforms and infrastructure are making it possible for organizations to provide more information to customers, offer more services and expand in new... Read more
The transition to a smarter, cleaner energy grid poses unprecedented challenges … so much so that one industry expert has described it as “the world’s largest industrial automation project.” With changes taking place as rapidly as they are, we thought we’d ask Greenbang’s readers: Which smart-grid technologies and energy... Read more
How much energy does our global population of nearly 7 billion use every year? According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), total primary energy consumption came to 493 quadrillion — that’s 493,000,000,000,000,000 — BTUs in 2008, the most recent year for which figures are available. (One BTU, or... Read more