Market Research and Insight

Prodea releases platform for the ‘connected home’
A company called Prodea Systems has released what it calls a “one-of-a-kind” platform for the connected home. Prodea says its Residential Operating System (ROS) delivers numerous services on a single managed platform: entertainment, education, health and wellness, a private cloud, home security, automation, energy management and enhanced communication. The... Read more
London lab aims for next-gen city innovation
A new lab in London is aimed at helping university and industry researchers work together to develop “the next generation of smart-city infrastructure.” The London Node, based at Imperial College London’s Imperial West campus, will “support innovation throughout Europe for economic growth and to improve quality of life,” said... Read more
Alibaba Group has $815m digital city vision
The Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group has a nearly one-billion-dollar vision to transform part of the island of Hainan into an “intelligent city.” The company subsidiary Alibaba Cloud Computing last week signed a deal with the Hainan International Tourism Island Pilot Zone that will see some 5 billion renminbi... Read more
Dutch electric-car drivers will never be far from a place to charge
Getting a large segment of society to replace gas-powered vehicles with electric ones raises a chicken-and-egg problem: how can you promote a shift to plug-in cars when drivers don’t have a convenient network of places at which to plug in? For two electric-car-loving entrepreneurs, however, unique circumstances in the... Read more
Big data: It isn’t just for big business anymore
There’s a reason we call today’s plethora of information “big data.” With almost every action and transaction we engage in leaving a digital trail, we’re generating an unprecedented amount of data – 2.5 quintillion bytes’ worth – every day. If that doesn’t compute, think about it this way: a... Read more
How is a social business a better business?
We’ve all heard the stats about the explosion of social media users. One-billion-plus on Facebook. One hundred seventy-five million Tweets a day. An expected 5 billion professional searches on LinkedIn in 2012. But that’s all mostly for Justin Bieber fans, politics junkies, people who like to exchange snark or... Read more
Businesses need future-tech-ready employees
Your business might be humming along just fine right now. But what about five or 10 years from now? Are sure you and your employees will be able to make the most of evolving information technologies to stay competitive? That’s a question all small- and medium-sized business owners should... Read more
Is more IT always better for business?
Innovations like cloud computing have made it easier than ever for small- and medium-sized businesses to offer advanced, IT-enabled services and support to their customers. But just because they can, does it mean they should? It’s become a given that people should be able to interact with companies in... Read more
Panasonic: Smart homes are key to an energy-efficient Japan
Following its release earlier this year of a system that links energy creation and storage for the home, Panasonic is moving ahead with plans to develop a full-scale Smart Home Energy Management System (SMARTHEMS). Energy-saving efforts in Japan have taken on a growing urgency in Japan in the wake... Read more
Software can spot, then stop, brewing storms in cloud computing
Cloud computing can improve efficiency by tapping the power of multiple “virtual machines.” But what if one of those machines encounters a problem that then cascades through the entire system? Researchers at North Carolina State University believe they have an answer: software that can identify and respond to potential... Read more