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Cars to harvest carbon from the air

exhaust1.jpgLike fuel-gathering pixies, scientists from Los Alamos have invented a new system, called -somewhat painfully – Green Freedom, to harvest carbon from the air and then turn it into fuel using electrochemical.

The principal market, according to those pixies, is see get the system carried on airplanes and cars.

“Our concept enhances U.S. energy and material security by reducing dependence on imported oil. Initial system and economic analyses indicate that the prices of Green Freedom commodities would be either comparable to the current market or competitive with those of other carbon-neutral, alternative technologies currently being considered,” said F. Jeffrey Martin of the Laboratory’s Decisions Applications Division, principal investigator on the project.

There’s also the possibility of getting the tech stuck on nuclear power cooling plants, to take advantage of existing carbon capture.

The researchers are now working on proving the ability of the system to capture and reuse carbbon, with a commercial venture, perhaps a slightly pixie-like one, soon to be set up to get Green Freedom on the market.

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