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Carbon trust launches lighting guide

bulbWith winter approaching and daylight hours getting shorter, the Carbon Trust is launching a new energy-saving lighting guide, in a bid to help organisations cut energy use and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Lighting accounts for 40 per cent of businesses’ total electricity bills, they say, and as  clocks go back, organisations are likely to see their bills increase.

By implementing the simple low cost and no cost energy-saving measures outlined in the guide, businesses can cut their electricity bills by up to 30 percent and reduce their carbon emissions – the main cause of climate change.

Top lighting tips include:

Think before you flick the switch: Daylight may be fading but there are still about 10 hours of sunlight a day, so take advantage of the natural light by opening blinds and ensuring that windows areas are kept clear.

Good housekeeping: Simple measures, such as ensuring that staff switch off lights when rooms are unoccupied, can reduce lighting costs by up to 20 percent.

Keeping up appearances: Ensuring that lights and windows are regularly cleaned enables businesses to take full advantage of the natural light. If windows are dirty then employees are often forced to use electrical lighting.

Staying in control: Lighting controls, such as those that have light sensors, can regulate lighting and provide substantial savings.

Go for an upgrade:  Replacing lighting with energy efficient alternatives is an effective low-cost investment that can save you money and energy.

Hugh Jones, Solutions Project Director from the Carbon Trust, commented: “When you consider that lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to make 1000 cups of tea, the need for businesses to take action to improve the efficiency of their lighting has never been greater. Implementing simple and low-cost energy saving measures such as cleaning windows, investing in energy efficient lighting, or making the most of the daylight, will help businesses avoid spiralling energy bills as well as ensuring that they are playing their role in the fight against climate change.”

Carbon trust launches lighting guide – The Global View

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