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Carbon offsetting needs more work


Carbon can do many things. Make diamonds, and graphite in pencils, to name but two. And… well, you know, many things.

Unfortunately, according to the Associated Press, it’s not the environmental equivalent of Superman that some folk had hoped, with only one third of carbon emissions being offset.

From the article:

The amount of carbon taken up by North America had not been closely studied and some reports even suggested that enough was being absorbed to balance emissions, [Tony King, lead researcher on the report and chief scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory] said.

1 thought on “Carbon offsetting needs more work”

  1. Maybe there is a chance that people might get interested in politics again!

    What amazed me was the smiles I saw and laughs I heard from t’other side!

    On a totally… well almost related topic, I have often found in environmental legislation, and reporting of same, that green and Brown keep trying to be brought together.

    But the result seems to be a rather unappealing fudge.

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