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Carbon emissions to be turned into CDs

cd.jpgWhat do you do with your old CO2 emissions when you’ve finished with them? Put them in the garage along with all those old magazines you don’t know what to do with? Leave them in the hall for someone to trip up on? Tut.

Well, there’s now another option: recycle them into CDs and DVDs, apparently, according to The Telegraph.

According to the paper, scientists have come up with new ways to use the emissions from smokestacks to create polycarbonate plastics that can be used to make the discs.

According to the paper, Prof Müller of RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, who works at CAT Catalytic Centre research centre backed, and recently presented a paper on the tech said:

“It’s a very cheap starting material. If we can replace more expensive starting materials with CO2, then you’ll have an economic driving force. […]

“Using CO2 to create polycarbonates might not solve the total carbon dioxide problem, but it could be a significant contribution.”

Greenbang doesn’t like to appear churlish, but what happens when everyone finally shifts all their music and films to digital? Can the processes be used to create storage arrays too?

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  • Peter
    Posted April 11, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Hey, if it works as billed, what’s not to like?

    So long as the energy used in reprocessing adds up, I’m sure if the resultant raw material is reliable then many re:uses can be found.

    Thumbs up from here on what’s been shared so far!

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