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Carbon emissions auction applications open

Auctions can be dangerous. Ask anyone who’s ever come in late at night after a few drinks and thought that would be a great time to surf eBay. Greenbang’s one experience of being ‘ineBayated’ resulted in an order for a 7″ vinly single of the ‘Romford Rap’ – Chas and Dave’s frankly rather poor follow up to their hit ‘Snooker Loopy’.

Thankfully, the UK’s auctions for Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme involves neither eBay nor copious amounts of alcohol.

Greenbang reported on the auction last month and the application process is now open for organisations who want to become primary participants in the auction. Primary particpants can bid directly for allowances and will act as intermediaries, collecting and submitting bids on behalf of indirect bidders who want to take part.

Any organisation with an EU Emissions Trading Scheme registry account can apply to be a primary participant, subject to eligibility criteria.

Details of how to apply are on the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs website here.

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