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Carbon capture coming to your motor

Old people, computers and Mars Bars” there are many things that started off big once and before you know it, they’re shrinking before your very eyes. That’s what’s happening with carbon capture.

It was initially designed for large scale uses, like capturing emissions from oilfields, now researchers from Georgia Tech are working on a carbon capture system for cars, buses, scooters and all manner of other transportation, says Science Daily.

The Georgia Tech team’s goal is to create a sustainable transportation system that uses a liquid fuel and traps the carbon emission in the vehicle for later processing at a fueling station. The carbon would then be shuttled back to a processing plant where it could be transformed into liquid fuel. Currently, Georgia Tech researchers are developing a fuel processing device to separate the carbon and store it in the vehicle in liquid form.”[…]

Little research has been done to explore carbon capture from vehicles, but the Georgia Tech team outlines an economically feasible strategy for processing fossil or synthetic, carbon-containing liquid fuels that allows for the capture and recycling of carbon at the point of emission. In the long term, this strategy would enable the development of a sustainable transportation system with no carbon emission.

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